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We are Uros and Katarina Zunic food photographer and stylist.

Our studio is specialized for food photography.

More then seven years of experience in food advertising.

We brings together vibrant colors and shapes with exeptional harmony and style,using meticulous planning,technical precision and a gifted sense of composition to render ordinary objects extraordinary.

In our studio we are using latest digital technology to craft extraordinary images  for a wide variety of clients.

Our Photography Services:

- Recipe Developing

- Restaurant Menus 

- Photography and Design for Packages 

- Web and Printed Catalogs 

- Chief Portfolios

- Food Styling 

- Product Photography 

- Editoral Photography

Our Clients:

The Spruce Eats, Ikea, Glazura, H&W, Bosiljcic Ratluk, SweetDesign, FoodStock...

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